Early Owl and My Quest to be a Morning Person

I was not a punctual child.  When i was an elementary school I was never an early riser, and used to groan and growl about day light savings time and changing my clock – specifically in the Spring when things got an hour earlier. 

As I mentioned in my ‘About’ page, I have always been a night owl.  In college things began to shift a little as I realized that being perpetually late for anything before 9am was not going to be an option anymore.  Thankfully, my college had a policy that everything started 10 minutes late. I guess the reasoning was you could walk between classes and still be on time, even if they were back to back and in different buildings.  So my quest to become more of a morning person had begun, but the 10 minute policy certainly hampered my progress.

Next came grad school.  This is where I really started to hone in on my, i’m never going to be late and wake up early attitude.  I took the subway to school so one missed train meant an extra 15 minutes late to class.  I wasn’t the only one who didn’t naturally awake at the crack of dawn.  One professor, about two weeks into the semester, announced to the entire class, “This class starts at 8:15am.  It will always start at 8:15am, and if you are not here by then, you are absent.”  Message received.  I was on time.  A dozen others dropped the class.

Now my schedule is such that I wake up between 5 and 6am depending on the day, the amount of light seeping past the shades and the level of rustling around the apartment by my husband.  I never would have imagined that I would be driving to work at 6am, but you know what… it’s kind of fun.  The streets are quiet.  The air is still and not yet humid with the sticky, clingy dew of Pennsylvania summers.  So maybe I am a morning person after all!