Fish Tacos for Tuesday


Tuesday is a tricky dinner day.  Since it falls in the awkward beginning-middle of the week, my criteria is usually 1) What is quick? 2) What is easy? 3) What did I buy over the weekend that needs to be used up asap? This week I had vegetables, fish and a spring in my step because the weather has been so deliciously warm.  I was inspired to make something summery and something that my husband would love. (I usually save the more interesting, flavorful exciting complicated dishes for weekends, and do old standbys during the week, but this Tuesday I was up for a new dish).  What do you make with pepper, mango, avocados and fish? Fish Tacos!

This is a great recipe for people who don’t like measuring. In fact, I won’t give you any measurements at all, just estimates, and trust me, it will still turn out great!

Take one Mango and one Avocado and chop into small pieces. Add juice of a Lime, a splash of Olive Oil, dash of Salt, dash of Black Pepper, sprinkle of Red Pepper Flakes.  Dice 1/2 a Red Onion and 1/2 a Red Bell Pepper. Salsa done!

Next take the Fish (mahi mahi, pollock, or tilapia all would work) and cut into 1 inch cubes. Roll in Corn Meal and pan fry in olive oil about 5-7 minutes, until flaky.  You can add some pepper or other spices to the fish for a bit of kick if you like.

Then just slap it all together in a taco shell, with maybe some lettuce for crunch and it will taste great. This will definitely go into my dinner repertoire as a crowd (crowd of two, at least) pleaser! Yay Tuesday!


Pineapple Drinks & Tacos on the Waterfront


This past weekend my husband and I accidentally attended one of the festivals at the Delaware River waterfront.  I say accidently, because we did not know it was happening until, while driving to do some errands, my husband spotted some folks crossing Columbus Blvd with pineapples full of pina colada smoothies in hand.  We circled back, parked the car and hurried over to check out the festivities.

The festival we stumbled onto was the “Hispanic Fiesta” one of a summer-long series of festivals sponsered along the waterfront.  Each festival has a different cultural theme with food and music to celebrate that culture.  And if you need only one reason to check out these festivals, it is the food!

The first thing that we did was to get in line for a pineapple drink.  In past years, we have come to other festivals along the Delaware, seen the pineapple drinks, even gotten in line to purchase the delicious libation – only to be told that the small stands were sold out.  Well, not this year!  This year there were plenty of smoothy-filled pineapple to go around, which was a boon with the sweltering heat.  Next, we ordered tacos (spicy for him, mild for my less adventurous palate).  They are pictured above in all their deliciousness.  Years ago, the only version of taco that I was familiar with was ground beef, salsa and shredded cheese.  These tacos were on a whole other level, with the lime juice really setting off the flavor of the meat and cilantro.  I can think of no better summer meal!

This is the third time we have attended one of the multicultural festivals at the waterfront, and each time has been a coincidence.  The festivals run all summer long, and yet, I’m not sure where they are advertized. I listen to the radio, read local news and actually do take note of banners and advertizements at bus stations, but I have yet to see these fun events plugged.  So let’s spread the word! Find the schedule for future festivals at the waterfront HERE.

The Grocery Store is My Nemesis

I remember being in Trader Joes several months ago (back when I was first engaged and convinced that wedding planning would be a breeze, moving would be a double breeze and commuting through philly traffic would give me “time to reflect on my day”) when I overheard a young woman asking an employee how to cook the bag of brussel sprouts she was purchasing.  She explained to the employee that she was newly married and had never cooked a day in her life.  Smugly I thought, who can’t cook brussel sprouts?!  I would like to now apologize to that woman.

Brussel SproutsMy husband and I didn’t share an apartment before we tied the knot.  A series of awkward timing with school, jobs and various leases kept pushing back our decision to co-habitate.  So fresh back from our honeymoon and living together for the first time, my husband and I started finding chores that fell into his purview and mine.  He works longer hours than I do, so dinner seemed an obvious job for me, and with that, I decided I should do the grocery shopping for the initial week too.  So there I was early on a Sunday morning wandering up and down the supermarket aisles.  First, I was fairly confident that I could handle shopping for a week and would dispatch the chore quickly.  I marched in confidently, pushing my cart, armed with my shopping list and reusable cloth bags.  However, I’ve always been sort of a grazer when it comes to dinner – eating thrown together salads, hummus or toast and eggs as dinner during school.  Making five (or heaven forbid seven) meals over the next week that someone else would not only find edible but perhaps even appealing suddenly seemed very daunting.

As I wandered around aisle four wondering if you could use breading to pan fry chicken as well as sear fish, it occurred to me that this is why people buy magaines devoted to ‘summer recipes’.  This is why there are websites that offer a week of pre-planned meals, grocery lists, recipes and all.  What did women do back on the prairie prior to wifi and a local grocery store?  Luckily these days there are many books advertising healthy dinners, and easy meals, so hopefully I won’t get the chef’s version of writer’s block anytime soon.  But I certainly admire those who can just whip up a quick dinner with whatever is in the fridge!