About EarlyOwl

For three decades I have lived in varying degrees of adjacency to Philadelphia. The suburbs, the closer suburbs, Center City. (If you are one of those people who consider Philly a rest-stop between D.C. and New York, leave right now. I’m serious, get off my blog!) I adore Philly. I take pride in knowing every block of Center City — which direction the one way streets go, the best restaurants (and the worst), the most beautiful biking trails, the short cut under the Art Museum to 76, that the Kimmel is shaped like a cello, how to order a proper cheesesteak. Converting others to Philly devotees is another hobby, and I’ve had some success. However, as much as I love my city, this year is bringing some changes: New City, New State! Where? Well, this Philly earlyowl is heading north!

What is an earlyowl you may ask yourself?

Well, it’s a nightowl trapped in a morning person’s life.*

I’m not a morning person.

I love staying up all night, puttering around my kitchen, listening to music, reading, writing, enjoying the quiet. Having a job makes this lifestyle a little impractical, so for the past few years I’ve adapted. For three years I have matched my husband’s early morning schedule, leaving for work before the sun is up. I snooze my alarm an obscene number of times, and eat breakfast at my desk. Here’s hoping that the year ahead leads to long, delicious nights and cozy mornings.

Thanks for stopping by!


*I also happen to have only attended schools with owls as mascots, so that makes me an owl several times over.


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