‘About’ this Blog from 3 years Ago

As I think about starting 2016 with a fresh blog-theme, new photos and aspirations for a more regular posting schedule I realize that it has been three years since I wrote the “about me” section. Time for an update! However, being the packrat that I am, I cannot throw out even this little scrap. So I’m saving my old About page here for posterity 😉


This is a blog for people who like to read a bit of this and a bit of that, written by an indecisive person.  I know it would make more sense if all of my posts fell into categories like ‘food’ or ‘fashion’ or ‘art’ … but guess what? All of those topics and many more interest me, so I won’t pick just one to focus on!

I used to be a night owl in every way – relishing the quiet calm at 1am, the often terrible television after midnight, or reading late late late into the dark.  Then I got married, started a job and life changed in otherwise very grown up sounding ways. I now rise early, a feat I have never maintained more than three days in a row during my college existence.  But there is something to be said for early birds and worms – so I’m going with it for now!

I’ve been pretending to write for several years, thinking when I have more time, I will have more time to write – an elusive and frustrating fallacy.  So let’s just skip the brainstorming and writer’s block of fiction for a while and try a new format by putting a few unedited ideas out there into the world.

Thank you for stopping by!


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