Sweaters, Sweaters Everywhere

I try to style my work wardrobe to lean more Marnie from Girls and less Emma from Glee.  However, there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that looks both as cute, and as professional as the perfect cardigan. Like the classic LBD, or those impeccable heels, a great cardigan is a professional closet requisite.  I have been in search of the cardigan for years.

J Crew’s jackie cardigan was my top contender for some time.  I bought an olive green version on Michigan Ave., in Chicago while shopping with a friend one crisp October afternoon.  That was around four years ago, and although I’ve worn it unceasingly to work since, and the cuffs are beginning to show the wear, it still hangs in my closet and I can’t seem to get rid of it.  It should be noted, that I also purchased a full cotton version of a j crew cardigan, however it stretched after a few wears and now looks loose and baggy in places.

Next, I tried to replicate my love for the jackie with a deep purple cotton and wool blend cardigan from Gap.  Although it was a cute sweater, after a  few washes it just did not hold its shape like the j crew version.  It appears appealing when buttoned over a blouse, but does not have that classic adorable cardigan shape I’m after.

Well, I’ve recently found the next great cardigan!  I was walking through the mall when a rack of colorful sleeves and buttons caught my eye.  Halogen brand has a great line of cardigans in a myriad of colors (they also have some delectable skirts as well).  The only down side for this busy girl, is that they need to be hand washed.* They are made of rayon, so they are very light weight and hold their shape wonderfully over any shirt, top or blouse.  The saturated, deep colors really make them pop, so it’s easy to throw one on over those plain black trouser pants and basic white shirt.  I now have five in different colors!

I didn’t think that I could devote an entire post to sweaters, but with fall coming sooner than I’d like, it’s almost time to dig out the cooler wardrobe. Sigh.

* This can be done with a little woolite in your bathroom sink.


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