How can I ever thank you … Moving in Summer Heat

The Philadelphia area has had a heat advisory in effect for several days.  Temperatures top out in the mid to high 90ies daily.  I sweat just standing in the shade.  So, naturally, this is the week I move to a new apartment.

The plan was to move apartments in the Spring.  A Spring move would have been balmy and relaxed.  However, the search for a new place is often fraught with unforeseen hurdles, such as limited availability, and need to book a freight elevator far in advance.  So instead, here we are in July, heat radiating off the sidewalk, humidity billowing through the apartment being slowly vacated one heavy box at a time. 

In addition to my husband, I coaxed my sister and mother into helping (actually they did not require very much coaxing at all).  There is sort of an etiquette when it comes to moving.  Here are situations where you obligate to help someone move:

  • You are immediate family and you live within driving distance of said move.
  • You are a close friend and the person moving helped you move within the last year.
  • You are a close friend and you are going to ask the person moving to help you move soon.

My mom fits into the first category and my sister is both first and second, so they were stuck.  No one likes moving, especially in summer and especially when it is someone else’s stuff.  However, there is nothing … and I mean nothing … that can make someone indebted to you like assisting is a horrible, hot, sticky move.  And I’m guilty of forcing my nearest and dearest to participate in many such moves over the years. 

I’ve moved a lot (though never very far) and each time I’ve gotten a little better at it.   I’ve learned not to put all your hardcover and text books into one box – heavy.  Don’t move during rush hour – lengthy.  Try to move somewhere with a lift – avoids many trips up the stairs.  Also, label your boxes. And the one thing that I re-learn every time is that moving is not fun, but having people to help is wonderful!

Maybe next time I will invest in movers!


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